Special Rolls

Aburi Salmon Image
Green Halo 13.25

Aburi-style sushi with in-house char sauce, thin sliced onions and a touch of jalapeno

Autumn Haze Image
Autumn Haze $13.25

Sweet-mirin glazed torch seared salmon-toro topped with mizore-radish

Jupiter Rain Pic
Jupiter Rain 13.25

Avocado, red bell pepper, and serano peppers topped with yuzu-beet pearls, and saikyo-miso marinated torch-seared salmon

Red Coral Image
Red Coral 13.25

Red tuna and Japanese shiso with savory Chaliapin sauce

Passion Sunrise Pic
Passion Sunrise 13.25

Crab and avocado topped with salmon, green onions, tobiko and volcano sauce

Rodeo Rider Image
Rodeo Rider 13.25

tuna, salmon, and crunchy corn chips topped with tuna, crimson sauce, garlic chips, green onions, and sesame seeds

God of Wind Image
God of Wind 13.25

prawn tempura, masago, and cucumber topped with avocado, unagi, and white wine wasabi sauce

Nine One One Image
Nine One One 13.25

crunchy corn chips and tuna topped with salmon, fire sauce, tobiko, green onions, and cayenne pepper

Dragon Roll Image
Dragon Roll 13.25

prawn tempura, cucumber, and masago topped with avocado and unagi sauce

Zesty Avalanche Image
Zesty Avalanche 13.25

spicy miso infused salmon and daikon topped with prawn, avocado with Japanese mayo

Meteor Rain Image
Meteor Rain 13.25

crab and wild salmon topped with torch seared salmon, thin sliced onion, Japanese mayo, and mixed spice

Chicago Roll Image
Chicago Roll 13.25

prawn tempura, cucumber, and masago topped with salmon, tuna, and marinated crispy onions

Mount Alaska Image
Mount Alaska 13.25

tuna and cucumber topped with smoked salmon, avocado, volcano sauce, thin sliced onions, and mixed spice

Y.R.A. Image
Y.R.A. 13.25

yam and red pepper tempura, topped with avocado and sweet-soy sauce

Crimson River Image
Crimson River 13.25

deep fried crab and avocado roll topped with salmon and tuna, on a river of crimson sauce

Tropic Rush Image
Tropic Rush 13.25

tuna and avocado topped with salmon, mango, and passion fruit sauce

Magic Mushroom Image
Magic Mushroom 13.25

Three kinds sated Japanese mushrooms and snap peas inside topped with avocado and mushroom sauce